What's not to love about your own personal piece of cake that really doesn't require eating utensils?  Unless you're like that Seinfeld episode; at the end all the guests dining at Monk's Cafe are eating their desserts with a fork and knife.  Such a Seinfeld's an excerpt from the script I found online.

New scene.
Jerry and Elaine are at the coffee shop.

Jerry: I got another card from Kristin. Not quite as chipper as the first one.

Elaine: Wow. Isn't this little bunny giving you the-

Jerry: Yes, he is.

Elaine: You should show this to Georgie.


Waitress (at the next table): Here's your knife and fork.

Jerry: Look, she's cutting up an Almond Joy.

Elaine: I just don't get it.

Jerry: You know, I saw someone on the street eating M&Ms with a spoon.

Elaine: What is wrong with everybody?

Jerry (surveying the restaurant): Look, they're doing it. They're all doing

Elaine (standing up): What is wrong with all you people?! Have you all gone

I'm looking for a better clip but this gets the point across as well as the above dialogue. 

I love making cupcakes.  I like the decorations that tie in with a theme or color.